About Veserkal

Veserkal have over 20 years of experience in developing innovative machines to automate a wide range of processes including: labelling, tray denesting and packaging. Manufactured with high grade AISI 304 stainless steel for excellent durability, this new range of labour-saving machines are designed to offer excellent durability. Supported by Cutting Edge’s 25 years of experience in providing excellent industry-leading service, this new range delivers maximum performance on your production lines.

These highly efficient machines are versatile and can be easily adapted to suit your needs. Many of the machines feature simple, touch screen controls and modular parts which can easily be removed and replaced for fast and efficient cleaning, ensuring an excellent standard of hygiene. With machines suited for a wide range of processes and products, from packaged goods to loose fruit and veg or sliced meat, our Veserkal machines improve efficiency for almost any production line.

The Range of Veserkal Automation Solutions

Tray Unstacker

A solution for tray denestering that allows to obtain a regular flow of trays and adjustable to the peculiarities of the several containers and/or working areas.

Automatic Interleaver System

A dispensing solution that places interleaver film on the lower side of the product.


This mechanism accelerates the process of lining up those packages coming from the thermoformer and moving to the labelling machine.

Tray Loader

A solution especially designed to optimize the filling of meat products into trays, which integrates perfectly an interleaver system and a tray denestering mechanism.

Additivies Dosing System

The solution that allows the preparation of recipes with powdered, grainy or liquid products, through its precise dosing heads.