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    Services and Support

    Here at Cutting Edge, help and assistance is at hand to keep your modern production and engineering areas running smoothly, effectively and efficiently.

    Whether you need to locate that elusive part, need one of our dedicated service engineers on-site to help you set up a machine, or you just need to ask a quick question, we are here to help. We are available to respond to your questions and give you advice.  This gives you peace of mind that you can get less downtime and better yield from your equipment because you can utilise the expertise here at CES.

    We have wide-ranging technical experience within the food industry.  We always make every effort to help address and resolve any problem you may have with one of our machines, regardless of its age.

    We don’t just supply you with products or machinery, we want to ensure you’re getting the benefits for your business day in, day out.


    Chainmail Repair Service

    As market leading chainmail experts, we understand that maintaining an excellent standard of body protection is highly important when it comes to protecting your workforce and minimising risks.

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    Chainmail Repair Service

    Blade Regrind Service

    We offer a wide range of blades to suit your needs, and we also offer blade regrinding. We collect the used blades, they are then disinfected and sharpened to an industry leading standard, before we then return the blades back to you.

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    Reliable – a value that our customers recognise in us.

    • 4 Workshop & 12 Service Engineers covering UK & Ireland
    • Preventative & predictive maintenance
    • 24/7 service contracts
    • UK based customer service
    • Remote support functionality
    • Fully stocked warehouse & fleet


    Committed to excellence

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