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    Blade Sharpening

    Expert Blade Regrinding Services

    Cutting Edge Services give you all the management information you need for an efficient and cost-effective blade regrind service.

    Our blade regrind process involves engraving your blades with a unique ID number, which provides traceability, and allows you to track the life cycle of each blade – giving you a better understanding and ability to manage blade costs.

    We provide you with crucial life cycle information for each blade, reporting on how many times and when each blade has been sharpened – which will give you better budgeting and cost control.

    We regrind to the highest standard and offer a fast and efficient service, which saves you time and money and we utilise the latest high-tech regrind equipment, giving you the sharpest blades that will last you longer.

    All blades are processed by a BRC certified company and are returned in a clean, hygienic and safe format. We can also offer a free collection and delivery service dependant on location, contact us today for more details.

    How it works

    1. Collection

    We collect the used blades from your site where they are then carefully transported back to our specialist Edge Centre.

    2. Edge Clinic

    Your blades are then inspected, arranged, organised, disinfected and then sharpened to an industry-leading standard.

    3. Delivery

    We return the razor-sharp and perfectly sterile blades back to you.

    We provide our sharpening service to a wide range of blades to suit your needs.

    • Circular
    • Mincer Plates
    • Whizard
    • Straight Edge
    • Curved
    • Serrated/Saws

    Blade Regrinds

    • Improved production-line efficiency and yields
    • Huge cost saving over buying and sharpening your own blades
    • Wide range of blades to suit your needs
    • Expert training and auditing included in the service
    • Consistent quality and superb sharpness of blades

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