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    Cutting Edge

    Our Culture

    Over 200 Years of Certified Butchery Experience

    Cutting Edge Services is the home of top-quality, butchery essentials for retail, shop floors, and production lines. Butchery and food processing is at the heart of what we do, and our knowledge comes from experience. Our Chairman David Mook was a slaughterman himself, and has built a business around the foundations of butchery excellence. Within Cutting Edge we have over 200 years of certified butchery experience amongst our highly skilled team, meaning we have an in-depth understanding of what you need to benefit your business.

    There’s no one quite like us

    Our offering is quite unique in the food industry market, from knife sharpening to walking the line, we offer a ‘one stop shop’ for meat and food production. Over the years we have worked tirelessy to create a portfolio of products and services that enable our customers to enhance their businesses and exceed their requirements and expectations in regards to employee safety, ergonomics, efficiency, productivity and yield.

    We strive for excellence

    Quality represents one of our core principles here at Cutting Edge. We have invested heavily in standards and procedures that guarantee our clients receive the best possible customer service.

    Continuous Improvement

    Across the Cutting Edge team, there is a culture of continuous improvement. Together, we work towards KPIs that are designed to advance company values and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, we invest in individual training and development to ensure our staff are always working at their maximum potential.

    Our Values



    Everything we do, we do to give you the edge

    With over 1.5 million knives and blades processed annually, our edge sharpening facilities remain at the heart of our business. However, we are not only sharp in the products that we offer, but also the way we operate as a business and present ourselves.


    Bringing new ideas to the food industry

    The focus of our brand is to be a pioneer of innovation and provider of unprecedented solutions placing us at the forefront of the UK and Ireland’s food industry.

    Yield & Performance Audits

    A value that our customers recognise in us

    We act as partners, not suppliers. We are recognised has having masses of experience across multiple applications and processes across the food industry.

    Committed to excellence

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