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    Slaughter Line Equipment


    Balancers effectively support hand tools and make them easier to use. Designed to improve workplace productivity, they reduce operator fatigue on slaughter and boning lines. At Cutting Edge, our high-quality, zero-gravity balancers are supplied by Carl Stahl Kromer.

    Our balancers can be adjusted to the correct height to suit the operator; simply pull the suspended tool to a comfortable position and release it. Our balancers are available in a range of sizes and with a choice of balance weights, cable lengths and with or without a ratchet lock.


    About Carl Stahl Kromer

    We are a medium-sized industrial company based in Gottenheim in the south of Germany. For many years we have been among the leading international manufactures in the field of spring balancers. Our companies history’s goes back to the 19th century – in the long time of our existence, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, which is today reflected in the excellent quality of our products. In the year 2000, we became part of the large Carl Stahl Group with over 1,800 employee worldwide. We benefit from traditional medium-sized entrepreneurship and also from the secure structure of a global acting corporation.


    Committed to excellence

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