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    Operator Safety Bandsaws

    The Most Advanced Safety Saw

    The Guardian is the only bandsaw available that was designed from the ground up as an emergency stopping safety system. As a result, the system offers significant advantages over any other saw on the market. The system detects in a safety zone set up the full cutting height of the bandsaw blade. The Guardian’s online management software features a reporting dashboard combined with an instant alert and reporting system. This provides a comprehensive view of the bandsaw operation, trigger events, specific user incidents and trends, and blade performance reporting. The easy-to-use system allows your data to be configured in a number of ways to create custom reports. This enables you to look deeply at operational use, the way staff are interacting with the saw and respond to trigger events quickly.

    Four Camera, Advanced Vision Detection System

    The multi-view four camera vision system can register a saw operator’s blue gloves in 3D. The system detects a safety zone set at 40mm all around and up the full cutting height of the bandsaw blade. The system is wire-free and operators are not connected to the saw in any way. This enables operators to freely move around the boning room floor while also maintaining the safety system for all staff wearing blue gloves who are within close proximity of the blade.

    High Speed Braking System that’s Easy to Reset

    Once triggered, our custom-built braking system de-tensions the blade and brings it to a complete stop in milliseconds. This ensures the operator’s hand is protected from coming into contact with the moving blade. Because the blade is de-tensioned, the activation is not violent and does not damage the blade. The system is quickly rest with the push of a button.

    Fast and Simple Blade Replacement

    Blades can be replaced on a regular cycle with minimum down time. The Guardian accepts all commercially available blades with the individual blade specifications loaded into the management system. With push button reset, when a blade is installed or following a trigger event, the Guardian re-tensions the blade to the correct specification.

    Improved Safety Practices & Performance Enhancements

    With regular feedback made available to operators and managers, teams are able to improve their safety practices, precision and speed. Finer cuts can be undertaken with the knowledge that operators are protected. Trigger incidents are visually recorded in the management software, greatly enhancing safety conversions with teams


    Guardian Bandsaw

    The Guardian Bandsaw delivers an unprecedented safety system to reduce some of the most serious injury risks in the meat processing industry.

    Improving safety was a key focus for Auckland Meat Processors (AMP) and the Guardian Bandsaw delivered more than what was expected. The new saw has not only provided a safer workplace, it has helped the team improve their overall bandsaw operation and cutting technique.


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