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    World-leading Chainmail for over 30 years

    As a global leader for 35 years in the manufacturing of metal mesh gloves and aprons, Honeywell has mastered the integration of the manufacturing process. Indeed, Honeywell has developed its own production machines and created unique software dedicated to designing metal mesh products.

    Benefits of Honeywell Chainmail

    Metal Mesh Protection from Honeywell

    At Honeywell Safety Products we meet the growing expectation and demands from industry through continuous innovation and our experts use constant risk analysis to extend and complete the range with high-end solutions.

    As a result, Honeywell is now in a position to provide solutions which respond to the users’ needs, such as optimum comfort, ergonomics and fashion.

    •  Low-cost protection against workplace hazards
    •  Ergonomically designed for operator comfort
    •  Tailored for dangerous environments
    •  Washed using the same process as your knives
    •  Get the perfect fit with various sizes and designs available
    Metal Mesh Protection from Honeywell

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