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    UVC Disinfection Solutions

    World-Leading Disinfection Technology

    Cutting Edge Services have teamed up with world-renowned experts in UV-C technology, sterilAir, to bring you the ultimate in air and surface disinfection solutions. Developing hygiene products since 1939, sterilAir have the track-record, background and pedigree in R&D and the science behind UV-C systems.

    The combined approach of sterilAir and Cutting Edge Services offers you the best in protection against germ-carrying air and surface contamination, helping to deactivate and eradicate bacteria, mold, fungi and airborne virus such as COVID.

    Benefits of UVC Disinfection

    disinfection technology

    Cutting Edge is proudly partnered with sterilAir, a pioneering force in UV-C disinfection technology since 1939. Based in Switzerland, sterilAir AG brings decades of expertise to our shared mission of delivering customised hygiene solutions across various sectors. This collaboration enables us to offer environmentally friendly UV-C technology for effective disinfection of air and surfaces within the food industry. Their commitment to sustainable practices aligns with our vision, enhancing our ability to serve our clients with excellence and innovation in hygiene solutions.

    Leveraging over 80 years of practical experience, sterilAir’s extensive technical knowledge and scientific approach significantly enhance our product offerings. This partnership positions us to better support our customers, ensuring they benefit from advanced, reliable, and eco-conscious solutions. Through our collaboration with sterilAir, Cutting Edge reinforces its commitment to leading the industry with forward-thinking and environmentally responsible technologies.


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