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    ET Evaporator Disinfection Systems

    UVC Air Evaporator Units

    The ET Evaporator Disinfection System works in conjunction with air conditioning units and condensers, disinfecting cooling coils and evaporator fins.

    It is a simple and cost-effective system which helps to prevent the build-up of biofilms and reduce bacterial counts and eradicating airborne virus such as COVID, as well as helping to control the build-up of yeast and mold on your production line.

    IP65 Rated – Stainless steel tube protects the Teflon coated glass lamp making it HACCP compliant. It also has a variety of configurations to suit different situations

    UVC technology is a natural form of disinfection, requiring no thermal or use of chemicals, giving you peace of mind in managing HACCP.

    Benefits of Evaporator Disinfection Systems

    Trusted partners for the food processing industry

    Cutting Edge Services have teamed up with world-renowned experts in UVC technology, sterilAir to bring you the ultimate in air and surface disinfection solutions. Developing hygiene product technology since 1939, sterilAir have the track-record, background and pedigree in R&D and the science behind UVC technology. They were specifically selected to help grow our portfolio of worldwide partners who provide ‘best in class’ products and solutions.

    Our specialists perform FREE site audits to ascertain the best solution for your processing lines, staffing areas and office spaces.

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