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    Chainmail Repair Service

    Cutting Edge Services is the leading chainmail repair service to the food industry. With 20 years of experience behind us, we can provide the fastest turnaround without compromising on the quality of our service. That saves you costs, time and hassle, making it easier than ever to ensure that your employees always benefit from flawless protection from your chainmail PPE.

    We offer market-leading repairs on both titanium and stainless steel chainmail of all types, including gloves, sleeves, armguards, tunics and aprons – as well as and direct collection and re-delivery throughout the UK and Ireland.

    You can find out a little more about what’s involved in the process below. Alternatively, if you’ve got any questions or need any advice, just give us a call on 01772 956 270, and we’ll be happy to help however we can!

    How the chainmail repair process works

    1. Talk to our Experts

    When you get in contact with us, we will arrange a tailored quote around your needs. We repair all kinds of chainmail including gloves, sleeves, armguards, tunics and aprons. With over 20 years’ experience and one of the world’s only repair specialists of titanium chainmail, we are the leading chainmail repair service to the food industry.

    2. Collection and Inspection

    Once you are happy with your quote, we will arrange a courier to collect your chainmail and return to our BRC accredited premises. Each piece of chainmail is carefully checked to identify all the damaged links.

    3. Repairing the Chainmail

    Once the inspection has been completed, our state-of-the-art welders repair the chainmail using stainless steel or titanium links. This process delivers maximum resistance and durability. This process returns the chainmail to a fully functional piece of protective chainmail to keep you and your colleagues safe.

    4. Cleaning and Disinfection

    When the glove has been signed off and approved, all repaired chainmail is cleaned and disinfected. The chainmail is then ready for dispatch back to you and ready to use.

    5. Returning Back to You

    The items are hygienically packaged and returned to you via our courier, with the process taking around 14 days.

    Giving you the protection you need

    With 20 years of experience, our chainmail specialists provide exceptional quality chainmail repairs for gloves, gauntlets, sleeves, aprons and much more, all with the fastest turnaround in the industry.

    • High-quality repair for stainless steel & titanium chainmail
    • Direct collection and redelivery throughout the UK & Ireland
    • Average turnaround within 14 days

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