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    IBEX Trimmers EZY2

    Providing practical production solutions for the Meat Industry over the past 35 years, IBEX delivers a best in class meat removal trimmer, THE EZY2 TRIM SYSTEM – the complete system for meat recovery and fat trimming, which offers benefits of increased yields, better profits, improved safety, and improved product appearance.

    Available in both Electric and Pneumatic versions the advantages include:

    • Improved yields through design resulting in fast blade cutting speeds
    • The fast blade speeds allow effortless cutting, increasing yields significantly by slicing through meat with ease, making bone trimming fast and efficient, whilst reducing operator effort
    • The high power effortlessly tackles any fat removal and meat recovery application
    • Reduced cost of ownership through longer-lasting, common parts throughout the head size range
    • One Handpiece for all Trimmer Head sizes (35 to 180)
    • Easy to maintain – the IBEX EZY2 Trimmer is easily dismantled and assembled


    EZY2 Trim Heads
    • Fast Blade Speeds
    • New improved Head design with single piece Blade Keeper system
    • Quick, simple, and consistent blade changing procedure reducing down-time
    • Common Trimmer Heads for both Electric and Pneumatic System
    • Improved hygiene through built-in ergonomic thumb rests and use of food grade material
    • Universal Head design for left or right hand options

    EZY2 Trim Systems

    Electric System

    The IBEX EZY2 TRIM Electric System is engineered with durable, robust components to deliver superior performance with low maintenance costs.

    The EZY2 TRIM Electric System has a comprehensive range of Trimmer Heads for meat recovery and fat trimming. This offers benefits of increased productivity & yields, better profits, improved safety and product appearance.

    • Key Benefits
    • Fitting to Existing Motors
    Pneumatic System

    In addition to the electric system trimmer, Ibex also presents the IBEX EZY2 TRIM Pneumatic – the ultimate in Pneumatic Trimming systems on the market. At the heart of the Pneumatic Trimming System is the IBEX Pneumatic motor; precision built to use air efficiently and deliver high levels of power and speed.

    The distinct advantage of the EZY2 TRIM Pneumatic system is its high speed coupled with the power enabling it to be used in numerous applications to improve yields.

    • Key Benefits
    • Product Specifications

    IBEX Trimmer Blades

    In addition to standard carbon steel blades, IBEX Trimmer blades are available in the knife quality stainless steel. This means the blades stay sharp for a longer time, increasing production and reducing downtime for honing to maintain an edge.

    32mm 52mm 69mm 90mm 128mm 180mm
    Hooked Blade
    Dished Blade
    Flat Blade
    Conical Blade

    Applications of the EZY2 Trim Pneumatic System

    The following guide is an indication of which tools and blade types should be used for specific applications.

    Beef Applications
    32mm 52mm 69mm 90mm 128mm 180mm
    Small Bone Trimming Straight Straight
    Hot Fat Trimming Dished Dished Dished
    Cold Fat Trimming Dished Flat
    Liver De-Spotting Straight
    Beef Heads Straight
    Beef Skirt Removal Dished Dished
    External Light Fat Removal Dished Dished*
    Ribs Straight Straight
    Large Intestines Straight
    Spinal Cord Conical
    Internal Beef Fat Removal - Vacuum Suction Hooked
    Button Bones Removal Straight
    Strip Bones Removal Straight

    *= can be used with a depth gauge

    Lamb applications
    32mm 52mm 69mm 90mm 128mm 180mm
    Tenderloin Removal Straight Straight
    Pork Applications
    32mm 52mm 69mm 90mm 128mm 180mm
    Small Bone Trimming Straight Straight
    Ham De-Fatting Dished*
    Pork Legs D-Fatting Dished
    Rind Patches Removal Dished
    Tenderloin Removal Straight Straight
    Removing Pig Eyes Straight Straight
    Pig Heads Straight
    Ear Canal Removal Straight
    Pork Neck Bone Straight
    Pork Bellies De-Fatting Dished Dished

    * = can be used with a depth gauge

    32mm 52mm 69mm 90mm 128mm 180mm
    Chicken Thigh De-Boning Straight
    32mm 52mm 69mm 90mm 128mm 180mm
    Slicing Smoked Salmon Dished* Dished*
    Light Fish Slicing Dished* Dished*
    Filleting Dished Dished
    Shaping Dished* Dished*
    Fat Removal on Salmon Dished* Dished*
    Removal of Dark Meat (E.g. Tuna) Dished Dished
    Removal of Bloodline in Salmon Straight

    * = can be used with a depth gauge

    Advantages of the EZY2 Trim Pneumatic System

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