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    Knife Sharpening Service

    Sharper Thinking. Sharper Results.

    Sharpness is at the core of our business, with over 80% of our product lines and services being edge related.

    Equipped with a team of industry experts, we have an in-depth understanding of how sharp edges can benefit your business. To deliver the high speeds, yields, safety and product quality you and your customers require, you need razor-sharp tools.

    Benefits Of Our Knife Sharpening Service

    Over 5,000 Knives inspected,
    sanitised and sharpened every day

    Our knife service offers improved production-line efficiency and yields, paired with consistent quality and superb sharpness of blades. This hugely reduces costs over buying and sharpening your own blades. We also have expert training and auditing included in the service with a wide range of blades and handle colours to suit your business requirements.

    Our unique knife sharpness testing device performs high precision quality testing to ensure that you receive consistent sharpness with every single service.

    Blade Sharpening Services

    Looking for machine blade
    sharpening services?

    Our edge centre also sharpens and regrinds machine blades.

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