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    Automatic Return Skinners

    Automatic Return Skinners

    The Nock Automatic Return Skinners are designed for precise and efficient skin removal. Engineered for the stripping of skin from various meat types, these advanced machines demand minimal effort for operation and routine upkeep.

    These models boast Auto-Return technology, ensuring that the product is automatically redirected towards the operator after processing, minimising handling and optimising workflow. The design integrates a quick-release system, allowing for the swift removal of essential components without the need for specialised tools. This feature simplifies the cleaning, servicing, and overall maintenance process, making it accessible for operators of any skill level.

    Motor performance on all models is 1.1KW

    Please note: Photos may not show UK specification (e.g. emergency stop button and longer infeed guard)



    Explore The Models

    Model Cutting Width Cutting Speed Max T/put Height Blade Gap Apply Length Infeed Overall Dims Weight

    NOCK CB 435

    CB 435

    430 mm

    24 m/min

    90 mm

    0 – 5 mm

    400 mm

    (with / without discharge conveyor) 800 x 1190 x 1660 / 1210 mm

    225 / 210 kg

    NOCK CB 503

    CB 503

    500 mm

    29 m/min

    120 mm

    0 – 5 mm

    300 mm

    865 x 1190 x 1860 mm

    265 kg

    NOCK - German Engineering,
    Developed for the UK

    Cutting Edge & German manufacturer, NOCK GmbH are working together to provide an exclusively developed range of machines. Following extensive research and development, this fresh partnership combines 25 years of German engineering excellence with Cutting Edge’s 25 years of experience in delivering sharp, innovative and reliable services.

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