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    Carl Stahl Kromer 1.5kg - 5.5kg Spring Balancer

    • Carl-Stahl-Kromer-1.5kg-5.5kg-Spring-Balancer
    • Carl-Stahl-Kromer-1.5kg-5.5kg-Spring-Balancer
    • Carl-Stahl-Kromer-1.5kg-5.5kg-Spring-Balancer
    • Carl-Stahl-Kromer-1.5kg-5.5kg-Spring-Balancer

    Carl Stahl Kromer 1.5kg – 5.5kg Spring Balancer

    The Kromer 7211 Workhorse spring balancer is expertly designed to support heavier hand-operated tools or for use in equipment to pull back objects in motion such as cables and hoses. The design ensures that tension increases as the cable is pulled out, providing maximum safety and strength.
    Kromer balancers are manufactured from high quality, durable materials making them highly reliable and safe. Replaceable parts including the spring and cable, are quick and easy to maintain and replace when required. This series includes a spring breakage safeguard to effectively prevent the suspended load from falling down if the spring breaks, as well as a secondary safety chain for complete protection.

    The Kromer 7211 Balancer also features a fully adjustable rotating screw and a safety mechanism to prevent damage to the spring during load setting.
    Available in two models:
    – Working load (KG) 1.5 – 3.0
    – Working load (KG) 3.0 – 5.5


    Item Code: SPRING_1.5-5.5


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    2500 mm (up to 3kg) 1400mm (from 3kg up to 5.5kg)

    About Carl Stahl Kromer

    We are a medium-sized industrial company based in Gottenheim in the south of Germany. For many years we have been among the leading international manufactures in the field of spring balancers. Our companies history’s goes back to the 19th century – in the long time of our existence, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, which is today reflected in the excellent quality of our products. In the year 2000, we became part of the large Carl Stahl Group with over 1,800 employee worldwide. We benefit from traditional medium-sized entrepreneurship and also from the secure structure of a global acting corporation.



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