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    Specialist Audits

    Our processing machinery division is built around product specialists who live, eat & breathe their product ranges – so you get the best advice at all times. Every member of the team is from our industry with a range of skills and experience that are second to none – they really understand our products; and yours.

    Audits can be undertaken to precisely understand your business needs. Whether it’s walking your production line to identify how you can maximise yield and performance, or to understand your consumable, PPE and service needs. Our specialists can highlight where improvements and cost savings can be made.

    We don’t send the person who lives nearest – we send the person with in depth understanding of the process or machine you want to discuss – before and after a sale.

    The following services are available to all customers;

    • Free Training for the life of a machine
    • Yield & Performance Audits
    • Applications Advice
    • Cost Effective Operations Advice

    By working with their products all day, every day our Product Specialists develop a true understanding of how to make our machinery a long term, cost effective solution, not just a short term fix.

    This level of knowledge puts CES at the forefront of development programs with our key manufacturers – if the answer isn’t in the warehouse it’s probably on the drawing board.

    Our Processing Machinery Team know that return on investment for you is the key to return business for us.

    Specialist Audits

    When you are using the right product or service, our second principle is to make sure you buy as little of it as you can. We want your costs to be the lowest and that means helping you make it last longer or work better.

    Whether that being training for the users, training on applications or specialist advice, our teams are always available to make sure you get the maximum from your CES products.

    • One invoice
    • One point of contact
    • Right products, right time
    • Support from industry specialists

    To book a no obligation audit, contact our customer service team today!

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