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    • Matador Testing Device
    • Matador Testing Device

    Termet Matador Super securit 3000 Stunning Testing Device

    The Calibration Tester measures the performance of Matador pistols and provides a numerical result to compare optimum values. To guarantee the highest standards of operator safety, humane animal welfare, equipment reliability and maintenance the SuperSecuritest is used to measure the velocity performance of the matador pistol. Test results display the speed of the bolt, accurately gauging how many more shots can be fired before maintenance is required. Downtime and mis-stuns are reduced, with a simple test taking less than one minute to complete

    TERMET - Advanced Slaughter Line Equipment

    Renowned French manufacture of innovative products for slaughterhouses. Reliable and robust, Termet products are designed to improve animal welfare, operator safety and hygienic processes.


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