Stunning Systems

Recent changes to EU legislation have placed even greater focus on the effectiveness of every slaughterhouse’s stunning regime. Under EC 1099/2009, also widely known as WATTOK, any business slaughtering animals must take full account of their welfare and follow a strict protocol to ensure only fully trained staff are used, they must also keep detailed records of the stunning operation.

The Cutting Edge range of slaughter line stunning systems includes both electric and captive bolt stunning systems supplied by market leaders Gozlin and Termet.

Our Gozlin electric systems are completely EU compliant and the Termet Matador captive bolt system can be supplied as a pistol only or with a full peace of mind package including training by experienced product specialists.

Gozlin have 30 years experience in slaughtering stunning equipment. They are leaders in the designing and manufacturing of stunning systems. That experience and knowledge goes a long way and that is why we take care and pride choosing the right products and brands within the industry.

Cutting Edge offer a full service when it comes to stunning systems. Whether you need a complete installation or a backup system to ensure you stay compliant the solution can be found in the options below. To discuss which options are best for you, please contact us to speak to a member of the Cutting Edge team.

Stunning Systems Sections: