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    EFA VBE 6 Electrical Stunning Unit

    EFA VBE 6 Electrical Stunning Unit

    The VBE 6 is an advanced electrical stunning unit designed for efficient and humane meat processing. It offers seven pre-installed stunning programs tailored for different animal types – with the capability to expand to nine – ensuring compliance with animal welfare regulations. With the capability to record up to 100,000 stunning events, it allows for detailed record-keeping and compliance monitoring. The user-friendly interface and choice of voltage options (230V and 115V) make it an indispensable tool for facilities aiming to optimise their processing lines while maintaining ethical standards.

    Versatile and easy to integrate into existing systems, the VBE 6 sets new standards for ethical and efficient meat processing operations, making it a must-have for industry professionals seeking to enhance their production capabilities.



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    Excellence in Meat Processing: EFA Innovation with Cutting Edge Expertise

    Each of EFAs solutions, from innovative stunning systems to high-powered breaking saws, are all designed and constructed to the same principles of excellent quality, safety and efficiency. EFA machines are precision engineered using the highest quality materials to maximise your meat processing efficiency and reliability.

    Exclusively available from Cutting Edge, EFA machines are provided will full servicing and support from our fleet of national field-based engineers and specialists. With a wide range of leading solutions and full-service support, EFA’s processing solutions ensure you get the most out of your meat processing line.

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