Matador Matabox with Counter

Matador Matabox with Counter

For a beef slaughtering operation to remain compliant with EU1099/2009 the processor should ensure that the stunning work station is optimised for the equipment in use and must have an alternative stunning device immediately available in case the first one fails.

The Matabox from Termet meets these requirements and also provides a simple, safe way of transporting pistols to and from the stunning area.

Designed to hold two Matador pistols, the Matabox ensures that they are stored and moved “broken” which completely eliminates the possibility of a misfire. It can be supplied with electronic counters for each station – this assists the slaughterman in rotating the pistols, which in turn provides a more consistent stun and reduces maintenance costs.

The Matabox design also incorporates space to store two boxes of Matador cartridges. As well as helping to keep the workstation tidy by eliminating loose cartridges, having different grades of shot in front of the operator promotes selection of the correct cartridge for each animal. This will reduce maintenance costs compared with simply using the heaviest grain available for every shot.

Cutting Edge can supply the Matabox as a standalone accessory for existing Matador users or as part a managed stunning program to meet your site specific requirements after consultation with one of our highly trained product specialists.

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Length: 209 mm

Width: 174 mm

Height: 342 mm

Weight: 3.42 kg

For models with counter & display only:

Operating voltage: 3V dc

Display voltage: 9V dc

Current: 30μA (approx.)

European Machinery Directive - 2006/42/EC

Welfare of Animals at time of slaughter – 2009/1099/EC

Articles in contact with food – 2004/1935/EC

Guide to Cartridges:

Black Cartridges - For animals that weigh more than 900kg – Bulls, Oxen and Young Beef (in exceptional conditions).

Red Cartridges - General Usage – Bulls (under 3 years old), Oxen, Young Beef, Cow and Heifer.

Blue Cartridges – For animals that weigh less than 450Kg – Cow, Small Heifer, Veal and Pigs.

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Subject: 55TS-3001 Matador Matabox with Counter

Item Code: 55TS-3001