T2011 Food Conveyor Disinfection Systems

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T2011 Food Conveyor Disinfection Systems

A simple under conveyor belt disinfection system, incorporating proven UVC technology to reduce TVC's without interrupting product flow. Widely used in all sectors of the industry for the effective disinfection of transfer or conveyor belts.

- Mounted under the working area the unit directs UVC onto the surface of the belt – in line, continuous solution
- UVC disrupts the DNA in the bacteria which stops it multiplying
- On average our customers have seen a reduction in TVC's of over 90%
- UVC allows you to disinfect safely, reliably and quickly without the use of heat, additives and without residues
- Made from high quality stainless steel with IP65 protection to work in the harshest environments
- Choice of sizes to accommodate all pace lines and transfer belts
- Very low running costs and reduced contamination = increase your profits

Power consumption: 54w, 250mA

Supply Voltage: 230v, 50Hz

Material: Stainless Steel (WN 1.4301)

Emitter Types: UVC 2020

Total Output: 17w

Emitter Change Interval: 12,000hrs

Mounting: Mounting rail under conveyor

Dimensions WxHxD: 554x50x200mm

Weight: 4.5kg

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Subject: 70US-T2011-20IP T2011 Food Conveyor Disinfection Systems

Item Code: 70US-T2011-20IP