Argus RC30 Beef Scissors

Argus RC30 Beef Scissors

The Argus NZ RC30 is a full-sized hand tool, designed for heavy-duty cutting operations. While it is primarily designed for beef or sheep horn removal, it can also be configured for the removal of sheep heads, pig heads or beef horn nubs.

-       Rapid cutting cycle maximises throughput for high speed kill lines

-       Features a two-hand, anti-tiedown safety control system to comply with UK health and safety legislation

-       Choice of handle to suit the application

-       Handle and loop type hanger ring reduce effort to rotate the tool, improving ease of use

-       Hardened steel construction reinforces durability

-       Integral guard plates over cam links for improved operator safety

-       Polished finish eliminates dirt traps for optimal hygiene and easy cleaning

-       Reduced spare parts requirement – many parts are common with other cutters

-       Choice of blade options to maximise cut efficiency on chosen task

-       Couple with RC100 Hydraulic Power Pack for maximum reliability.

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