Motion Detection Alert System

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Technical Specification
Control Unit Height: 400mm
Control Unit Width: 300mm
Control Unit Depth: 170mm
Control Unit Weight: 6kg
Control Unit Voltage: 240 Volt (Mains Domestic Plug)
Speaker Length: 245mm
Speaker Diameter: 177mm
Speaker Weight: 1.55kg
Sound Pressure Level: 1W/1m: 92dB
Motion Detection Alert System

The motion detection alert system is a unique device developed by Cutting Edge Services to detect motion at your work place and deliver an audible warning or alert. The control unit can be programmed with a verbal message or sound effect (Subject to your requirements).

The system contains infrared (PIR) sensors which detects moving heat created by a person walking within a maximum 12 metre range.

A powerful speaker is supplied that sounds an alert when this motion is detected followed by a paused time-delay until activated again, also customisable per your requirements.

The system is expandable for multiple PIR sensors and speakers, and comes with two as standard.

All cable lengths from speakers and sensors are 3 metres as standard unless otherwise stated, system can be expanded to accommodate your layout requirements.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and let our experts find the correct solution for you.

Subject: 55CU-SPEAKER Motion Detection Alert System

Item Code: 55CU-SPEAKER