Black Matador Cartridges

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Black Matador Cartridges

Matador Black Cartridges are suitable for animals that weigh more than 900kg such as bulls, oxen and young beef in exceptional conditions.

When stunning with a captive bolt pistol, it is essential that you select the correct grade of cartridge for the animal’s size.

If the grain used is too low then a shorter tonic phase is more likely which, in turn, increases the risk of an animal regaining consciousness before sticking. This compromises both the animal’s welfare and the operator’s safety; the livestock is not insensitive at the point of despatch and there is a significantly increased threat of injury to the sticker from involuntary kicking.

If the cartridge is too powerful there are also numerous drawbacks:

- Heavier cartridges cost more – using the wrong one wastes money
- Excessive wear on the firing chamber increases maintenance requirements; increasing spare parts costs and delivering a less effective stun as performance tails off

In either of the above cases a processor is risking their 2009/1099/EC compliance by not following manufacturer’s recommendations for most effective use of their equipment.

Cutting Edge supply all 3 grades of Matador cartridges (black, red and blue). They are sold by the thousand but are supplied in boxes of 500 cartridges to maximise useful life.

Black Cartridges - For animals that weigh more than 900kg – Bulls, Oxen and Young Beef (in exceptional conditions).

Minimum pin stroke speed (for a properly maintained Matador):

- Black cartridges: 50 m/s

Energy released:

- Black cartridges: 430 Joules ±10%

European Machinery Directive - 2006/42/EC

Welfare of Animals at time of slaughter – 2009/1099/EC

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