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    EFA 63 Electric Reciprocating Saw

    • EFA 63 Electric Reciprocating Saw
    • EFA 63 Electric Reciprocating Saw

    EFA 63 Electric Reciprocating Saw

    The EFA 63 Reciprocating Saw is a single-phase electric saw primarily designed for beef or fish cut up which can also be used for pork or lamb.

    • Smooth surface robust plastic casing for easy cleaning and optimum hygiene.
    • Heavy-duty 1.4 HP motor for excellent reliability.
    • 350 mm (14 inch) saw blade for maximum flexibility.
    • Supplied with integral vibration damping system for improved operator comfort.
    • Net weight of only 7.1 kg delivers high power to weight ratio.
    • Class-leading weight means the EFA 63 can be used with or without balancer for unbeatable flexibility.
    • Ideal for sawing hind and forequarters, briskets and rib bones.

    The 63 Reciprocating Saw comes with the peace of mind provided by EFA’s unrivalled build quality and is as robust & reliable as the rest of the EFA range.

    Item Code: 55EF-110888101

    Technical Information

    Motor outputVoltageLength of sawbladeWeight

    1.4 HP

    230, 110 or 42 volt 1 Ph

    14 inch (350 mm)

    7.1 kg

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