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    Argus RC25 Sheep Scissor

    Argus RC25 Sheep Scissor

    The RC25 is a heavy-duty medium-sized hand tool designed for the removal of sheep and lamb heads, hocks and horns.
    It is also suitable for deer, goats, and also beef hind hocks from on the legging stand. While very close in size and weight to the RC22, the RC25 is designed for heavier duty use. The extra power and stronger construction are particularly beneficial to operators who process more mature animals and deer.

    • Rapid cutting cycle maximises throughput for high speed kill lines.
    • Features a two-hand, anti-tiedown safety control system to comply with UK health and safety legislation.
    • Choice of handle to suit the application.
    • Handle and loop type hanger ring reduce effort to rotate the tool, improving ease of use.
    • Hardened steel construction reinforces durability.
    • Polished finish eliminates dirt traps for optimal hygiene and easy cleaning.
    • Reduced spare parts requirement – many parts are common with other cutters.
    • Couple with RC50 Air over Oil Intensifier for minimum cost or RC100 Hydraulic Power Pack for maximum reliability.

    At Cutting Edge, our product specialists can provide ongoing support to ensure you get maximum return on investment for the tool’s lifespan.

    Technical Information

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