Grasselli NAB520DD Automatic Derinder/Defatter for Pork

Grasselli NAB520DD Automatic Derinder/Defatter for Pork

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Used in tandem with an NAB520P, the Grasselli NAB520-DD is the perfect solution for consistently high yields and exceptional finished product. This system is used inline, which delivers cost savings through reduced labour and improved product throughput.

The NAB520DD includes all the standard features of an NAB520P plus:

- Integrated electronic control for derinding and defatting (enables control of the thickness of skin/fat removed on a piece-to-piece basis)
- 12 pre-set buttons for the desired level of fat removal - total control
- Control panel can be mounted on the production line - ease of use
- Multiple adjustments for "Bone in or Boneless" products - flexibility
- The DD removes controlled fat levels, instead of costly operators doing it – reduced costs, increased yields
- Can be used as a standard derinder – flexibility

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Subject: 75GG-NAB520-DD Grasselli NAB520DD Automatic Derinder/Defatter for Pork

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