Glass Industrial Scale Wok

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Glass Industrial Scale Wok

Thermal oil-heated industrial scale pan with automatic scraper mixing arms for the perfectly even cooking or mixing of component or finished ready to eat products.

- Opportunity to produce and market WOK cooked product that has been produced industrially – yet traditionally!
- Automatic tilting and manual scraper operation function for easy loading and unloading
- Two sided operation ideal for low-risk load, high-risk unload
- Thermal oil-heated with insulated jacket for maximum efficiency

- Automatic scraper arms ensure even cook throughout
- Mesh grid lid for easy addition or removal of fluids

- Electronic control with pause or interval functions
- Unique hygienic seal arrangement for unrivaled hygiene access


- Frying - cooking

- Stewing - searing

- Steaming - poaching

- Boiling - blanching

Applications: Products:

- Meat - vegetables

- Spices - sauces

- Rice - pasta

- Noodles - mixing

Additional equipment options

PLC-control – programs for up to 99 individual recipes.

Capacity to store 10 pre-set programs.

Thermal oil heating unit 48kw.


Height: 1600mm

Width: 1500mm

Length: 2400mm

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Subject: 75GS-WOK Glass Industrial Scale Wok

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