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    Siebeck FRT-MF Tunnel Tying Machine

    • FRT-MF Flat Tunnel Tying
    • FRT-MF Flat Tunnel Tying

    Siebeck FRT-MF Tunnel Tying Machine

    The Siebeck Flat Table Tunnel Tying Machine promises to maximise work-place productivity. Housed in a fully stainless-steel construction, this device features wear-free AC Servomotors and a selector switch for 1, 2, 3, 4 cross and continuous tying. A highly efficient design, it can tie up 63 strings per minute and features a larger bobbin to reduce downtime between twine changeovers. The knotting unit and ring automatically resets while the Smart Motion Controller is complete with LED displays. To prevent deposits, residue and product scraps from soiling the floor or the machine insides, there is an interlocked removable catch tray.

    This machine comes flat tunnel as standard but is also available in round tunnel.

    Item Code: 60SI-FRTMF

    World-Leading Tying Machines from SIEBECK

    With over 100 years of experience, Siebeck have developed and perfected a range of reliable & precise tying machines for the food preparation industry. Their revolutionary tying solutions include the innovative Jet 2000 knotting head, industry proven in over 10,000 machines supplied worldwide.

    Siebeck tying machines are renowned for their reliability, featuring an exclusive twine catcher & sensor that allows for easy re-stringing when restarting the machine & wear-free servomotors to reduce tying errors. With machines suited for a wide range of processes and products, from tying beef joints to trussing chickens, our Siebeck tying machines improve efficiency for almost any production line.

    Supported by Cutting Edge’s 25 years of experience in providing excellent industry-leading service, our labour-saving tying solutions deliver maximum performance on your production lines.

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