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    Table-Top Bandsaws

    Dadaux SX 300 Bandsaw

    Dadaux SX 300 Bandsaw

    The Dadaux SX300 bandsaw is an ergonomic and exceptionally safe table top machine.

    Its notable features include; a manual blade tensioner, water splash protection for its motor and electrical components and blade scraper springs which work to effectively remove meat debris.

    This model is complete with a moving carriage to facilitate easy cleaning.

    Product features include:

    • Stainless steel Frame
    • Automatic blade stretcher.
    • Sliding upper blade guide keeping in automatic position.
    • Tipping table for perfect accessibility for cleaning. (S Model Only)

    Item Code: 65DX-SX300-CONF


    Dadaux Table Top Bandsaws

    French manufacturer Dadaux are our chosen partners for table top bandsaws. Their entirely stainless steel range range offers robust and ergonomic solutions which have an excellent reputation.

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