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    Nock MBC 330 Poultry Slicer

    Nock MBC 330 Poultry Slicer

    The Nock MBC 330 Poultry Slicer is a state-of-the-art automatic cutting machine designed specifically for slicing cooked and roasted poultry products with precision. Unlike conventional slicers with circular blades, the MBC 330 features a blade frame that minimizes contact surface with the product, ensuring a delicate touch that preserves the integrity and texture of the meat.

    The NOCK MBC 330 Poultry Slicer is engineered with safety, ease of use, and adaptability at its core. Featuring a large blade stroke, it ensures a smooth and quiet operation, enhancing the working environment while providing superior cutting quality. The slicer is equipped with comprehensive access protection, including safety covers on the front and back, safeguarding operators throughout the cutting process. Designed with a compact and economical footprint and movable casters, the slicer fits perfectly into operations where space efficiency is crucial.

    While optimised for cooked and roasted boneless, non-frozen poultry products, the MBC 330’s versatility extends to other meats and fish upon request, making it a highly adaptable tool for a wide range of applications.



    Technical Information

    Cutting Width Cutting Speed Maximum Throughput Height Infeed Conveyor Apply Length Infeed Conveyor Discharge Conveyor Overall Dimension W x H x D Weight Motor Performance Compressed Air

    330 mm

    2t / 8h



    1170 x 490mm

    850 x 490mm

    930 x 1650 x 2150mm



    5 < p <10 bar plug connection DN 7.2 (G1/4 external)

    NOCK - German Engineering, Developed for the UK

    Cutting Edge & German manufacturer, NOCK GmbH are working together to provide an exclusively developed range of machines. Following extensive research and development, this fresh partnership combines 25 years of German engineering excellence with Cutting Edge’s 25 years of experience in delivering sharp, innovative and reliable services.

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