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    Breast Opener & Hide Skinner

    EFA 620 Dehider

    • EFA 620 Dehider
    • EFA 620 Dehider

    EFA 620 Dehider

    The EFA 620 Dehider is an air operated hide skinner combining lightweight design with unbeatable robust build quality. The EFA 620 has a powerful 300w motor and lightweight casing to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

    – Easy handling.
    – No skin damage from cuts or holes.
    – Robust and reliable.
    – Trusted by meat producers worldwide.

    Item Code: 55EF-100260040

    EFA - Quality German Engineering

    EFA engineers and technicians are practically focused in improving product design and enhancing performance on meat processing lines. A division of Schmid & Wezel with a worldwide customer base, EFA have over 90 years’ experience in meat and food processing industries.


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