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    Nock Cortex CF 460 Fish Skinner

    Nock Cortex CF 460 Fish Skinner

    The Nock Cortex CF 460 Fish Skinning Machine delivers high precision, versatile fish skinning for a wide variety of fish species such as salmon, trout and flat fish including plaice and sole. The CF 460 Fish Skinner is designed for effectively skinning thick or thin-skinned fish with 3 variable skinning methods:

    – Deep skinning with sharp blade
    – Thin skinning (shallow skinning)
    – Silver Skinning

    The CF 460 Fish Skinner utilises Nock’s innovative CF Skinning Technology to ensure maximum hygiene and efficiency throughout the skinning operation. With a grooved transport roller, scraper comb mechanism, and water cleaning unit the CF system keeps the machine continuously clean and prevents blockages.

    The machine is completed with NOCK’s exclusive Power Plate technology. This innovative construction allows the removal of the conveyor in seconds without specialised tools, making cleaning, servicing and general maintenance of the machine fast and simple for any operator.

    Item Code: 75NO-CF460

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    Cutting Width Cutting Speed Blade Gap Overall Dims Weight Motor Performance

    430 mm

    19 m/min

    0 – 5 mm infinitely adjustable

    740 x 960 x 630 mm

    150 kg

    0.75 kW

    NOCK - German Engineering,
    Developed for the UK

    Cutting Edge & German manufacturer, NOCK GmbH are working together to provide an exclusively developed range of machines. Following extensive research and development, this fresh partnership combines 25 years of German engineering excellence with Cutting Edge’s 25 years of experience in delivering sharp, innovative and reliable services.


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