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    Glass LPM Table Top Free-Fall Mixer


    • Glass LPM Table Top Free-Fall Mixer
    • Glass LPM Table Top Free-Fall Mixer
    • Glass LPM Table Top Free-Fall Mixer
    • Glass LPM Table Top Free-Fall Mixer

    Glass LPM Table Top Free-Fall Mixer

    The LPM 50 Mixer is designed to deliver excellent mixing and marinating capabilities for smaller scale processing environments. The compact design is ideal for kitchens and product development or testing applications,
    including an electronic interval timer with 10 programs to provide complete control over the process.

    The LPM 50 Mixer features an integrated vacuum pump and condensation absorber to ensure excellent quality and consistency. The transparent vessel is easily accessible for cleaning and remarkably simple to load and
    unload for quick operation.

    • Hygienic design for fast and easy cleaning
    • Small batch size to minimise product waste on trials
    • Integrated vacuum pump & condensation absorber
    • Simple two position operation for easy loading / unloading
    • Electronic controller with capacity for 10 pre-set recipe programs
    • Available in 20, 25, and 50 litres.

    Item Code: 75GS-LPM20


    Glass Food Processing Solutions

    With over 45 years of food processing experience, GLASS machines are widely chosen across the global food industry for their quality and reliability. Precision engineered in Germany, GLASS mixing and processing solutions is developed to the highest quality in compliance with ISO 9001 standards.

    Designed to maximise efficiency for a wide range of applications, GLASS machines offer excellent control over dosages, temperature and mixing processes for a consistent and high-quality end-product. Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel with easy to clean mechanisms designed to reduce contamination risk, GLASS solutions offer excellent food hygiene standards.

    Available exclusively from Cutting Edge with full servicing and expert support, GLASS machines are the ideal choice for labour-saving and reliable food mixing solutions.


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