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    Nock NRE 1500 Scale Ice Maker

    Flakers and Scale Ice Makers

    Nock NRE 1500 Scale Ice Maker

    The NOCK scale ice makers differ with known rotating evaporators – and therefore, it avoids problems such as leakage of refrigerant and ice with germs.

    They all come with a horizontal, stationary freezing disc (evaporator). The water is directly brought onto the disc through a valve and a rotating water distributor from the fresh water supply and scraped off after the freezing process. Unlike other constructions, the NOCK principal is the evaporator (freezing cylinder) rotates, but the scraper. The refrigerant pipes are tightly soldered on the stationary NSH evaporator.

    Rather than having a water  storage tank (water bath), the fresh water is frozen directly and leaves the machine in less than one minute as ice.

    •  Daily performance of approx. 1500 kg scale ice in 24 hours
    • Ice temperature approx. minus 8 degrees c
    • Thickness of the scales approx. 2 mm

    Item Code: 75NO-NRE1500

    Technical Information

    Ice Output Refrigerant Permissible Ambient Temperature Dimensions Weight Water Connection Electrical Connection Electric Performance

    approx. 1500 kg scale ice / 24 hours


    +6°C < t < +38°C

    (without optional under frame) 1460 x 1750 x 920 mm

    450 kg

    ¾“ external thread, min. 0.5 bar

    3 AC – 400 V – 50 Hz other voltages upon request

    7.0 kW

    NOCK - German Engineering, Developed for the UK

    Cutting Edge & German manufacturer, NOCK GmbH are working together to provide an exclusively developed range of machines. Following extensive research and development, this fresh partnership combines 25 years of German engineering excellence with Cutting Edge’s 25 years of experience in delivering sharp, innovative and reliable services.

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