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    Mainali Automatic Flaker

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    • Mainali-Automatic-Flaker
    • Mainali-Automatic-Flaker

    Mainali Automatic Flaker

    The Mainali Automatic Flaker is the ideal solution for safely and efficiently cutting frozen product (including blocks of meat, fish or vegetables) into flakes.
    Featuring a specially designed product table that easily allows the placement of the frozen blocks, the Automatic Flaker machine can effectively cut all kinds of standard blocks of a maximum size of W600 x L580 x H170 mm.

    The Flaking process is fully automated and once the product is placed within the product table, it is automatically pushed towards the blades, eliminating any risk of operator injury or error.

    The Mainali Automatic Flaker is fully compatible with products at a range of temperatures between 0 and -18C. Utilising highly resistant blades manufactured from high grade stainless steel with a simple and easy to clean design, the Mainali Automatic Flaker offers highly efficient flaking while maintaining excellent hygiene standards.


    – Reliable and efficient automated frozen product flaking
    – Highly durable and hygienic stainless-steel blades
    – Automated flaking minimises operator risk



    NOCK - German Engineering, Developed for the UK

    Cutting Edge & German manufacturer, NOCK GmbH are working together to provide an exclusively developed range of machines. Following extensive research and development, this fresh partnership combines 25 years of German engineering excellence with Cutting Edge’s 25 years of experience in delivering sharp, innovative and reliable services.

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