EFA Handheld Skinner (Model 900)

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EFA Handheld Skinner (Model 900)
The EFA Model 900 hand held skinner reduces labour and increases yield when compared to knife operation. The unit is a compact hand held skinner consisting of an air motor, 3-inch tooth roller and blade. Depth of cut is adjustable by moving the blade forward or back in the blade holder.

- Reduces labour on high speed detain lines in pig slaughter.
- Primal yield increase when compared to knife trim inspection on the detain line.
- Removes rind and fat at a controlled level increasing yields.
- Eliminates knife gouges improving presentation.
- Multi-application, skin rashes, loin de-fatting and beef strip loin de-fatting.
- Lightweight - unit weights 1.8 kg.
All of the range of machines are backed up with installation and training by a Yield and Productivity specialist with numerous years of experience in the food industry. Our experience your profit.
Motor output 0.3 HP at 90 PSI

Rotational speed 420 rpm

Operating pressure 6 Bar (90 PSI)

Air consumption 31cfm

Width of blade 75mm

Weight 1.8 kg

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Subject: 55EF-100500000 EFA Handheld Skinner (Model 900)

Item Code: 55EF-100500000