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    Cutting Edge and the Environment

    We are continually evaluating and assessing our environmental initiatives to help reduce pollution and waste, reduce our overall impact on the environment and conserve energy and natural resources.

    This was reinforced when we switched on the photo-voltaic panels installed on our warehouse roof. The new panels generate electricity even on cloudy days and will further reduce our impact on the environment, adding to the significant measures we have taken in recent years to control and reduce our carbon footprint.

    This is not the only investment we have made to become more environmentally friendly.

    When we relocated to our current premises we installed a carbon friendly heating & ventilation system; cheaper systems were available but we decided that our green policy was a more important consideration. As a further measure the system shuts off automatically when we are closed, so we don’t waste energy heating empty rooms. All our warehouse lighting is now supplied by low energy fittings too.

    For over eight years we have also used recycled material for shipping the vast majority of goods you buy from us, with any cardboard we cannot reuse ourselves sent back for recycling.In common with many businesses we now also recycle stationery & printer cartridges and our staff are encouraged to separate all waste to minimise our contribution to landfill.

    Additionally, we have also created a system to split the blades and handles of worn out knives so that they can both be recycled separately and effectively instead of becoming bulk trade waste.

    Aid Audit Compliance

    Our responsibility to the environment includes being compliant with the Consumer Information Obligation; in order to meet this, we provide information detailing recycling advice and guidance for our customers, including how and where to recycle, a guide to recycling symbols and top recycling tips.

    The overall aim is ensuring our customers are aware of their recycling responsibilities and have the correct information to become more environmentally friendly, in the home and work-place, all of which is focused around the traditional waste hierarchy principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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    Aid Audit Compliance
    WEEE Compliance

    WEEE Compliance

    CuttIng Edge Services is a producer of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and is therefore obligated under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. We are fully compliant with all responsibilities as a registered member of UK government approved WEEE Compliance Scheme, Comply Direct. Our WEEE producer registration number is 02757183.

    WEEE Compliance Certificate.pdf

    We have formally documented policies relating to the WEEE Regulations and we review our processes on a formalised and regular basis to ensure we remain fully compliant.

    The UK WEEE Regulations were first introduced in 2007 with the aim of reducing the amount of EEE ending up in landfill. As per the requirements of the Regulations we finance the recovery and recycling of WEEE when it reaches the end of its life. We also provide information on reuse and environmentally sound treatment of the products.

    Comply Direct can provide more information about the WEEE Regulations.

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