CLO Safety System for Open Top Skinners

CLO Safety System for Open Top Skinners

Grasselli’s patented CLO safety system provides optimum operator protection for their open top skinning and derinding machines. Infamously vicious machines, Grasselli have designed a highly effective safeguard to avoid serious injuries.

If a risk is detected, the system will automatically reverse the rotation of the tooth roll while the machine is switched into stand-by mode. Complete with a display for alarms and operating status, the CLO system can be calibrated according to the operator’s preferences.

-       TUV/CE certified

-       Delivers a 94.6% decreased accident risk

-       Connection wires are fitted with magnetic plugs to ensure rapid release

-       Double insulated protection circuit

-       Any contact between glove and machine will ensure protection is activated

-       Can be retrofitted to Grasselli membrane skinners and derinders

-       Addition to correct skinner and derinder safety guidelines outlined in EN12355

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Subject: 75GG-CLO CLO Safety System for Open Top Skinners

Item Code: 75GG-CLO