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    Adept Contamination Control

    Adept have been trusted by processing plants around the world for over 40 years, which is why they’re our chosen partners to provide market-leading contamination control solutions.

    The Adept range of meat processing products are effective, easy to use and their application has become best practice in abattoirs both large and small around the world.

    Our exclusive range features an array of innovative solutions to solve a wide range of challenges in the meat industry.

    With a commitment to deliver quality and excellent hygiene standards, these contamination control products are the perfect choice for any meat processing operation.

    Benefits of Adept Products

    Soluble Plugs

    The Adept Water Soluble Two Flange Plug is the new standard in lamb, sheep and pig faecal contamination control. This plug is the outcome of extensive research and development, resulting in a uniquely effective patented design that delivers industry-leading results.

    The plug is manufactured from food-grade material that retains its structural integrity long enough to be effective, before completely dissolving when exposed to heat and moisture. By dissolving after use, the plug is both extremely hygienic and environmentally sustainable, leaving no waste plastic or material for landfill.

    Soluble Plugs

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