Avoid Costly Mistakes With Our Exclusive Hygiene Range

Disastrous food hygiene blunders cost a UK cutting plant more than £18,000 in fines this week.

The eye-watering sum - which was settled in a magistrates court in Birmingham - has sent a clear warning to food business operators across Britain. Food hygiene is of optimum importance and investment in proper procedures and high-standard equipment is integral to swerving court.

A visit by an auditor from the Food Standards Agency in January 2018 found that the offending plant was not supplying its workers with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment - including snoods and hairnets. One example cited in court was a bearded operator whose facial hair was not covered in any way.

As he discussed the case, Dr Colin Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer at the FSA, noted; “We take breaches of all health and safety regulations seriously and I am pleased that this company has been held accountable for breaking these rules.”

He added: “Where food businesses fail to uphold acceptable food hygiene standards, we will not be prevented from gathering evidence to allow us to investigate and we will look to prosecute.”

The news comes after a baked goods manufacturer also faced hefty fines for failing to uphold adequate health and safety procedures. In December 2018, the company had to pay out £150, 000 to the Food Standards Agency - once again reinforcing the utmost importance of sufficient equipment and procedures.

Three years ago, tougher legislation was brought in to improve health and safety standards in the food and drink sector. These recent fines are proof how serious the industry is about stomping out sloppy hygiene standards in the food manufacturing process.

At Cutting Edge, we have made it our mission to ensure our clients are better protected in the face of such strict rules. We offer a diverse catalogue of Personal Protective Equipment - designed to safeguard our clients against hefty fines and further improve their customer’s satisfaction. Hygiene standards can be convoluted and exhausting to understand but the Cutting Edge team is here to dissect that hard work and provide you with easy, affordable and, most importantly, effective solutions.

Please do visit our range and get in contact with a member of our team to work out how you can bolster hygiene standards in your factory. An exhaustive collection of Cutting Edge PPE - along with our expert advice - is all you need to protect yourself from unnecessary fines.

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