Turning Risk into Efficiency – The Guardian Bandsaw Safety System

Bandsaws are one of the most notorious pieces of food processing equipment, and for good reason. Throughout the food industry the use of bandsaws is directly responsible for almost 10% of total workplace accidents every year, including serious injuries and death.

But, despite the danger that they can pose to operator safety, bandsaws are a highly effective tool in food production and processing facilities, providing extremely fast and powerful cutting capabilities for all types of meat. Balancing the risk associated with bandsaws against the efficiency they provide has been a challenge that the industry has faced for many years, but now we believe we finally have the solution.

Cutting Edge are delighted to launch the state-of-the-art Guardian Bandsaw system in partnership with New Zealand based manufacturers, Kando Innovation. The sophisticated design features a multi-view four camera vision system which can register a saw operator’s blue gloves in 3D. A safety zone - which is detected by the system - is set at 40mm all around and up the full cutting height of the bandsaw blade. Once it identifies a risk of injury, the custom-built braking system de-tensions the blade and brings it to a complete halt within milliseconds. The system can then quickly be reset via the push of a button with minimum downtime imposing on production.

Complete with online management software, the Guardian Bandsaw is easy-to-use and remarkably efficient. Crucially, the system provides detailed reporting, powerful data analytics and high-definition video recordings, enabling supervisors and technical managers to not only respond to trigger events quickly, but to train operators and improve efficiency.

At Cutting Edge, safety is our top priority. We work tirelessly to bring about much-needed improvements across the industry and ensure no operator is left in danger. The Guardian Bandsaw is the latest in our long line of ground-breaking products designed to better equip our customers for the future demands of the food industry. With the help of our Guardian Bandsaw, you can ensure your operators are fully protected and safe from a typically high-risk piece of equipment.

Watch the Guardian Bandsaw in action now: