VersoCLEANSE - The Future of Food Sanitising

After many months in development, we are proud to launch our next innovation, the VersoCLEANSE® UV Tunnel. This exclusive Cutting Edge machine was designed to provide our customers with the most effective sanitising solution on the market.

The VersoCLEANSE® UV Tunnel uses state of the art ultraviolet lights to destroy contaminants and microbes like E-coli, Salmonella and mould spores, without the need for chemical sprays or washes.

With a clean and dry application, the VersoCLEANSE® UV Tunnel eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and is ideal for use on fresh fruit, meat, packaging and even RTE (Ready To Eat) products.

Sam Tinsley, Managing Director of Cutting Edge Services said:

“We developed the VersoCLEANSE UV Tunnel to give our customers a sanitising solution that can be used on almost any product, with minimal operating costs. As the machine uses high-efficiency ultraviolet light rather than chemicals like traditional sanitising units, it can be safely used on products that need to stay dry, and items that are ready for consumption. We have tested the unit thoroughly and had very positive results, including significant reductions in TVCs and increased shelf-life on fresh products.”

The innovative new machine is now available for purchase and will be supplied with full training, installation and maintenance contracts.

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