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    Cutting Edge Welcomes New Managing Director and Finance Director
    Statement from Dave Mook, Chairperson and Founder

    With our first steps now firmly planted into our 31st year of trading, I am afforded time to proudly reflect upon how far Cutting Edge Services has evolved as a business since its inception in 1992. The multiple challenges we have faced as a business were often mirrored across the wider industry.  From labour shortages to changes in legislation and COVID through to Brexit, the tests have been constant. That said, the one constant which has kept our business strong is people.

    The teams and individuals at Cutting Edge Services have always demonstrated resounding resolve, ensuring our customers’ needs and solutions are at the top of their agenda. Such dedication has been awe-inspiring. We have a group of awards-winners and innovators all focused on helping to improve the landscape for our customers. From labour-saving machinery to great advancements in operator safety and the assimilation of robotics into our day-to-day operation, it’s fair to say that CES has played a part in evolving our industry.

    However, when I look around our business, it is not necessarily the products and solutions which I see as the main drivers for continuity.  It is the workforce – the teams we have created, fostered, and nurtured together that help to pay testament to the great achievements we have witnessed in our first 30 years.

    I am grateful and thankful for the dedication I witness week in, and week out.

    We must also look to the future and think about continuity and how Cutting Edge can continue to be a leading player, successfully supporting our customers in the UK and Ireland’s food processing sectors.  It, therefore, gives me great pride in announcing two new additions to our Board of Directors, with both appointments helping to bolster the business and drive us toward all the opportunities that clearly lie ahead.

    The first of these appointments is Michael Petersen, who takes up the position of Managing Director.  Michael has been with Cutting Edge for just under 2 years as International Sales Director, during which time he has grown and evolved the skills and direction of the entire sales function.  He has developed our sales strategy, helping us to maintain our reputation for always giving our customers ‘the edge’.  Michael takes up the position of Managing Director this week, widening his responsibilities company-wide, and is keen to share his wealth of meat industry experience across our entire workforce.

    The second appointment to our Board of Directors is Ian McCall, who joins Cutting Edge as our new Finance Director. Ian has multi-industry experience, covering all aspects and levels of financial management.  This width and breadth of experience has seen him work across rural and forestry, manufacturing and wholesale.  Ian’s expertise in tech and systems is a great addition to our highly skilled finance department.

    These additions strengthen both the BoD and the direction Cutting Edge Services is heading.  I look forward to working closely alongside Michael and Ian and setting our sights on the next chapter of our business. In addition to helping steer our newest phase in the rollout of our Employee Ownership Scheme, these two new appointments provide strong continuity for strategic development and for further developing the skills of our dedicated colleagues.

    Committed to excellence

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