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  • National Butchers Week

    It's National Butchers' Week 2022

    National Butchers’ Week has always been a major event for the UK meat industry, ever since the inaugural event all the way back in 2007.

    The United Kingdom has some of the highest animal husbandry standards in the world – schemes like the Cattle Tracing System ensure a high quality of life for each food animal, and ultimately the quality of meat it produces.

    British butchers and similar industry professionals all play a crucial role in proudly upholding these enviable nationwide standards, and National Butchers’ Week was launched to celebrate their passion, knowledge and expertise, as well as the key role they play in local communities.


    For all professionals living life on the edge

    Personally, for us here at Cutting Edge Services, as well as celebrating butchers and industry professionals nationally, it’s also about turning the spotlight on our talented colleagues here in-house. That includes John Mutch, an expert edge specialist of ours who’s just recently become formally accredited as a Master Butcher – one of only sixty people to do so.

    “I mean to us, something like National Butchers’ Week is really important because there’s a lot more to being successful in this business than I think a lot of people realise,” said John. “It’s not just about being good with a knife. You’ve also got to have a deep knowledge and understanding of each meat product, and the journey it’s taken from ‘farm gate to dinner plate’, as the saying goes.”

    This is exactly why we take such pride in the work we do here at Cutting Edge Services. For more than 30 years, we’ve been supporting our customers by providing solutions that give them ‘the edge’ – whether that involves supplying market-leading equipment, specialist training, or our professional knife sharpening service. We work with butchers, artisans, and small independent producers, all the way up to the UK and Ireland’s largest processors, giving them the tools and training they need to maintain their own high standards. In other words, everything that makes the British meat industry the envy of the world.

    A sharp eye for quality

    Asked if there’s anyone specific he’d like to highlight for National Butchers’ Week, John deliberated for a moment. “To be honest,” he said, “there’s a whole lot of people I could mention, but if I’m only allowed one then it would have to be Andy Madeley of ABP Food Group, a friend of mine and a fellow Master Butcher. He was one of the people who encouraged me to submit myself for consideration and gave me a couple of useful tips on navigating the process. He’s a lovely man and when it comes to butchery, he knows exactly what he’s talking about.”

    You can click here to read the full interview with our Master Butcher John Mutch.

    The onset of the pandemic has been something of a mixed bag for the butchery sector. Although there’s no doubt that many smaller shops felt the brunt of the economic impact, other independent butchers actually saw an upswing in business, as the public turned its focus on shopping more locally instead. And with butchery becoming a more valuable skill than ever here in the UK, events like National Butchers’ Week have never been more important in giving them some much-needed recognition!

    Whatever the future holds for UK butchers, we’re committed to continually supporting them here at Cutting Edge Services. With more than 30 years in business and over 200 years of combined experience from our staff in-house, we take pride in providing cutting-edge solutions that give our customers ‘the edge’.

    You can shop our knives and steels and butchers knives, or find out more about our knife sharpening service. If you’ve got any questions or need any advice, feel free to give us a call on 01772 956 270, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!

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