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    EFA Air-Operated Brisket Saw

    • EFA Air-Operated Brisket Saw
    • EFA Air-Operated Brisket Saw

    EFA Air-Operated Brisket Saw

    The EFA SK18-8D Air-Operated Breaking Score has a blade diameter of 7.1 inches; it combines lightweight design with unbeatable robust build quality. The EFA SK18-8D has a more powerful motor and higher blade speed than equivalent Jarvis and Kentmaster models – reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.

    • Light and heavy-duty saw for briskets, breaking carcasses and scribing ribs.
    • Powerful air motor develops 1 HP for the hardest applications.
    • Pork: brisket cutting, shoulder scribing and ribbing.
    • Beef: breaking forequarters.
    • The clean operation cuts through bone quickly without damage – faster than sawing by hand with higher yields.
    • Adjustable cut depth control can be fixed in the optimum position.
    • Weight of only 3.0 kg means the unit can be suspended from a balancer or used on the cutting table offering maximum flexibility

    Item Code: EFA SK18-8D

    Technical Information

    Motor output Rotational speed Operating pressure Air consumption Diameter of blade Depth of cut

    1.1 HP at 105 PSI

    2000 rpm

    105 PSI


    7.1 inch

    0.6 – 2.4 inch

    EFA - Quality German Engineering

    EFA engineers and technicians are practically focused in improving product design and enhancing performance on meat processing lines. A division of Schmid & Wezel with a worldwide customer base, EFA have over 90 years’ experience in meat and food processing industries.


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