Glass LPM Table Top Free-Fall Mixer

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Glass LPM Table Top Free-Fall Mixer

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Table top free fall mixer designed for small scale mixing and marinating. Also ideal for product development or test kitchen applications. Hygienic design for fast and easy cleaning. Small batch size to minimise product waste on trials. Integrated vacuum pump. Simple two position operation for easy loading. Electronic controller with capacity for 10 pre-set recipe programs. Applications Sandwich fillings - coleslaw
Pasta pots - potato salad
Fruit and vegetables dips and dressings
Dairy products - dry blends
Confectionary - meat , poultry marinating
Additional equipment options:

Stainless Steel Vessel.

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Subject: 75GS-LPM20 Glass LPM Table Top Free-Fall Mixer

Item Code: 75GS-LPM20