Glass GS200 Blade Tenderiser for Meat

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Glass GS200 Blade Tenderiser for Meat

High-speed belt fed multi-blade tenderiser for improving texture of fresh products or to increase protein activation in cooked meat production.

- Increase profits with better brine take up
- Better slice quality delivers higher yields
- Range of sizes to suit all products and volume requirements
- Adjustable knives to suit level of tenderising required
- Adjustable pressure to suit depth of cuts required
- No tool easy strip down for easy and effective cleaning


- All meats
- Tenderiser at point of pack or sale
- Protein activator as part of cooked meat process
- Flat rind scorer

Additional equipment options:

Circular blades for continuous or single cut.

SPR Series flattener.

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Subject: 75GS-GS200 Glass GS200 Blade Tenderiser for Meat

Item Code: 75GS-GS200