Tying Machines

Siebeck are the world leaders in stringing and tying technology with over 100 years experience in twine, stringing and tying machines for both food processing and general industry.

Siebeck is a family owned business with proud heritage of delivering mass market and specialist stringing and tying solutions across a wide variety of industrial sectors. With the 4th generation now running the business, they remain committed to constant evolution and development to ensure their machines continue to save time and increase profits for every customer.

The UK is the biggest meat stringing and tying market in the world so naturally many people have tried to imitate Siebeck over the years but none have provided anything like the same level of reliability - particularly in the small to medium throughput sectors. If you've had an unsatisfactory experience in the past with meat tyers or stringers please don't be put off - Siebeck's equipment and our specialist’s can and do deliver. In partnership with Siebeck since 1995 we have developed solutions for the meat and general purpose industries, for sectors as varied as carrots and Christmas crackers.

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