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  • Sofinor 50 Knife Cabinet with Basket with 30W Lamp

    UV Knife Cabinets

    Sofinor 50 Knife Cabinet with Basket with 30W Lamp

    The Sofinor Knife Cabinet is an effective way to sterilise your small knives and utensils. Made of stainless steel, the cabinet includes a 120 minute timer and has intregrated safety features such as auto cut out when the door is opened. With an inclined top surface helping to comply with hygiene standards

    Technical Specifications:

    • Single phase 220v – 50Hz
    • Germicidal lamp with a lifetime of 8000 hours
    • Made of 304L Stainless Steel
    • IP rating of IP:24
    • >Integral pan to protect utensils
    • Handle made of hardened plastic

    Item Code: 70SX-CAB20-CONF


    SOFINOR is a French manufacturer of stainless steel equipment and furniture for the food industry.

    With more than 6 years experience in the food industry, Sofinor integrates, from conception, a complete quality approach based on four lines of research of innovations that are hygiene, ergonomics, safety and economy.

    Their range of UV knife cabinets are designed to effectively sanitise the securely stored knives.

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