Skinning And Derinding Systems

With nearly 40 years of experience, Grasselli products promise innovation, quality and durability. Their skinning and derinding systems are market-leaders across the UK and Ireland.

Grasselli and Cutting Edge have worked in close collaboration since those early years; many of the applications found in the modern meat processing plant were developed by us. Our unique derinding and PAD (meat without membrane) solutions have required a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the industry. Grasselli skinners and derinders provide the following benefits:

  • Increased yield

  • Increased productivity

  • Enhanced end product quality
  • Ease of use

  • Total operator safety

  • Full application proving, training and after sales support from true specialists

The Total Operator Safety System is entirely unique to Grasselli and Cutting Edge. It protects operators by using open top, manual skinners and derinders. The most popular applications and models are displayed below.

Skinning And Derinding Systems Sections: